Typically, the only place to see watches such as these – you know, the famous reference 1518 perpetual calendar chronograph (the first of its kind), the later 2499 (a case for which could be made as the most perfectly balanced watch ever made), the neo-classic 3970, and the ultimate modern watch, the 5970 – would be at auction. Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Antiquorum, and Bonhams all do battle with one another every season to secure as many of these rare Pateks as possible – but rarely do they amass more than a handful at a time.

Enter Michael Safdie, born and raised in New York, who made a living working in his family’s business of fine art, and at a very young age became a passionate watch collector. Like so many others, he was entranced by Patek Philippe, and became, over a period of three decades, one of the world’s most prominent collectors of Patek Philippe, both vintage and new. He amassed what is, quite simply, an otherworldly collection of Pateks.

But, after thirty years of collecting, one can grow tired. And Safdie loves his Pateks as much today as he did when he was building his collection, but now has a different goal – instead of finding all the most important Pateks in the world for himself, he wants to share them all with the public. You see, Michael Safdie has just opened what could arguably be called the world’s first independent Patek Philippe museum, Madison Fine Time.

This former art gallery on 61st and Madison here in NYC now serves as a living mecca of the great Pateks of yesteryear, and a glance in the window will reveal a veritable bevy of mega-watches – the type of thing that you simply will not find anywhere else.

And that’s the point. Safdie has built a reputation for himself among the watch lovers of the world as one of the most astute collectors there are, and you will only find the finest vintage pieces at Madison Fine Time. Did we mention Safdie is now using the same mindset used to build his own collection to help others find world-class Pateks? He is. And that means that not only can you visit this well-appointed shop on 61st street to see the most impressive collection of watches in New York, but you can also go home with them too. Safdie’s goal is to share his love of vintage Patek Philippe with the world, and in doing so is offering a truly one of a kind shopping experience for the serious watch buyer. The chance to see EVERY major important Patek Philippe reference of the 20th century, under one roof, next to each other, and available for purchase at fair market prices is simply unheard of. Madison Fine Time will usher in a new wave of Patek buying in certainly New York and the US, but potentially the world, too. There is just nothing like this, anywhere.