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Patek Philippe Ref: 130 Rose Gold with a “Very Rare” Rose Dial

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One of the cornerstone models of Patek Philippe; combining the “Calatrava” style case with the chronographic feature, the reference 130 is regarded as one of the most appreciated Patek Philippe creations, and the base of any serious vintage Patek Philippe collection.

Produced in yellow, pink and white gold, as well as in stainless steel, it features a number of dial variations. One of the most alluring is, without a doubt, the present, so-called “pink-on-pink” combination: pink gold case and pink dial.

When looking at the production numbers for different case materials for any vintage wristwatch, it is evident that pink gold versions are always more rare than yellow gold. This is a consequence of the fact that, in the beginning of the 20th century, the exotic glow of pink gold was considered unusual, and yellow gold versions were much easier sellers. Interestingly, pink gold watches were highly appreciated in South America, and it is not unusual for watches signed by South American retailers to be pink or even pink-on-pink.If pink gold watches were considered unusual, pink-on-pink examples were deemed by many as superbly exceptional. Consequently, production of such masterpieces is extremely limited. For example, it is estimated that of the total production of reference 130, less than 25 percent were cased in pink gold. Of course, just a fraction of these went on to be fitted with a pink dial as well: only ten pink-on-pink 130s are known from the market. Only from the 1960s on, following the momentous social changes of the time and their repercussions on the fashion trends, pink gold watches started to be worldwide cherished creations.